Saturday, February 2, 2013

Writing a story worth telling

I started a new volume in my journal today.

Volume One was started in 1990, and it took roughly a decade to fill. Volume Two was stated in 2010, and it took 12 years to fill. This edition will be Volume Three – and we'll see how long it takes to fill.

I began this one differently. I wrote:
"When you let the Lord be the author of your life, he writes a story worth telling."
blank pages in my journal
It's a phrase I heard at church last week, and it resonated with me. It's not a new perspective.  But as a visual artist, storytelling through words is relatively new to me, even though I help the people I work with tell their stories every day.

Sometimes the author is able to begin the story from a blank page. In our lives, we find ourselves at a place where we want the story that is being written to be different, to have a happier ending, or from a different perspective. The author has no choice, but to start a new story that follows the narrative that's already been told.

I'm opting for a new author, and a new perspective.

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